Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the alphabet son(g)

i've been looking for a poem "the alphabet son" for over a week. i've tried everything i can to find the poem.

i asked my school teachers
i've tried google n bings
i've spent hours in library looking through books, page by page

there are millions, trillions,zillions, whatever lions of poems in this world, why can't i find one with the title "the alphabet son"??

yet the answer is still the same "the alphabet song", not "the alphabet son"
n today i asked my lecturer, "sorry isna,i left out 'g', it's the alphabet song, not son"



Thursday, August 18, 2011

raya oh raya....

18 ramadhan 1432H
12 days to go..

to do list:
tempahan tudung (waaa!!! byknye xsiap lg)
tempahan esaimen ( burning the midnight oil with a cup of coffee...hehe)
embroidery baju raya (idaman nk memakai baju raya itam bersulam tgn sendiri...gulp!)
kuih raya ( mcm biasa...stay up smpai ke sahur)

\(^ 0^)/
semoga berjaya!

kenangan menjahit sulam di malam raya....

the boria from kampung...haha~

selamat countdown hari raya....!!