Friday, December 30, 2011

wait for me melaka~~

today would be the last morning greet from kelantan
my holiday ended here
a month of holiday
blows like a wind
such a waste...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

for the tears are the most loyal friends of mine

things can go wrong in seconds
in a blink of an eye
i am very clear to that
but i'm not certain how much i can endure
how long i can keep standing
things have gone wrong so badly for me
i keep hoping that it'll be better on the next day
but it seems not

i know this is YOUR test
people says,
YOU give some kind of hardships
to human..
and in some way it hardened their lives
for them to see
beneath all of it..
there's YOUR greatest love

and i should be grateful
i'm the chosen one
among the thousands

i know this is temporary
things will be better soon enough
but i can't no longer hold the tears
till things get better Ya Allah
just let my tears running
not because i'm weak
because i need a company to keep me strong
for the tears is only my sincere friend
that always been there when things have gone wrong
it does makes me feel better...
in a way that i can't explain why..

but it's clear to me now
that humans are too fragile

even the closest person to you
might be the one who don't understand you the most

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

an empty mind

it's been a while since my last post,isn't it?
this morning gives quite a heavy rain
HIS blesses are shown in many ways,aren't they?
i guess morning fresh air is among the greatest of them
i can't resist the fresh air in the morning after the rain
the smell of the grass after raining is really a heartwarming
well it would be such a perfect time to rest for a sleepyhead like me
a thick hot blanket would sure keep me unconscious for half a day
but today i don't feel like sleeping
instead i choose to sit and leave something here
but i really have nothing to tell

i'm writing my personal here
entry by entry
as if there are people out there interested to read bout my life
i should put a "ha-ha" here, shouldn't i?
ha-ha, then.
i don't care much bout the follower(s)
i don't like to publicize my personal too
but this blog was created as my lifetime diary
for me and my future bloodline
whoever would it be, this diary would always remind them of their origin
literally remind them of me
as i suppose this global virtual world have enough space
to keep my blog alive long enough

this would be my footsteps
that i can track down whenever i want to 
the memory lane that freeze my youth
that shows what kind of person i am when i'm young
so that when i'm getting older
as i re-read my entries
i can laugh of my own stupidity
how i've wasted my youth in certain ways
or how bad my english was
ha-ha, again

i think i'm gonna stop here
this all i have in mind for now
see you later

oo by the way
saya masak mee hangus for breakfast today
haha, 3rd time