Monday, March 4, 2013

the way things are supposed to be..

this may look funny to some of us, but seriously we are damn hopeless. sleeping with one eyes open. what we are facing here are all based on rumors. rumors have it all. it tells everything, everything that nobody can tell how much it relies on true facts.

things are getting worst each days. we can't really tell how's tomorrow gonna be. we go to school, teach like everybody else, but who knows in next 10 minutes,all we need to do is just wrap everything up and run for life. we don't know. we can't really tell. 

it's so tired, living in fear. u count how much cars are on the road,are people running away? you're aware of weird sounds outside home, u pack things for emergency, buy tons of sardines, dozens of Maggie, full petrol, cash money, documents, and everything. so that if anythings came up, u just run!

what u saw on tv, they lies... a lot. but they know what they're doing. i hope so~

Allah knows best.  pray for us. pray for your family in lahad datu and semporna. pray for those who came to help us. because the way things are supposed to be, is better than any of this. ALLAHUAKBAR!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the better planner

i thought i knew what i need in life
i thought i've planned it well
i thought i love the right man
i thought i've been a good muslim
i thought i have enough
till the moment when
it was all taken from me 
HE shows
how my pride, my ego tearing me down
 and at the end
i have nothing but HIM