Monday, November 28, 2011

kakar ipar

it's 5.40 am and i'm still awake
if u notice, all of my entries were posted after midnight
i think i am a BATwoman
not the hero part that resemble
but the nocturnal side...
or maybe there's vampire part(s) in me
the glares of sunlight aching my beautiful face
ouch! ouch!
mengarut....well that's one of my expertise

i'm currently at home
laying on my big favourite sofa
walopun da lembik sebab duk menampung saye yg 'ringan' sgt nih
it's the best of all
watching back-to-back while menyiapkan tempahan tudung nih
"fantaghiro: the cave of the golden rose"
i bet you know this story
it once has been a phenomena to the youngsters, 5 years back i think
i'm not into the romance but the epic of the story
in fact i adores the antagonist (tarabas) more than the hero (ramualdo...salah eja kot)
u know, the period of the story, the big old castle, the noble king, beautiful ambitious princess, the legendary, the royalty, knight with the armor, the war, magics, gladiators bla bla bla...
all these defined my favourite type of movie

well..this is not the main recipe of my entry tonight
my new family member

now the 6 become 7
welcome to othman's
siti aisyah zakaria

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a MONEY-LOVER i am..

i am money lover
yup.. a very loyal money lover indeed
but i've always find a way to make my own money
spend my own money
the greatest feeling of all
especially when i am able to give some to my parents
brother and sisters
for schooling..

i've started being money-independent at the age of 18
simply because i have 2 little sisters and a brother
that need extra money attention
and my family at that time have a hard economy crisis
my father was being cheated for several times
it involved thousands....a lot sum of money
that i would never tell anyone how much RM he lost
they took away too much, and it gave a great effect to our family at that time
the beginning of my real lesson of life...what life could give and takes
how moneys maniac people nowadays

i never asked money from my parents
wait...i've borrowed once, RM50
it happened once that no money left in my pocket, 
and i had to survive one day more before i get the allowance
i've checked in every compartment of my wallet
with a hope that i mistakenly slipped a note
that i can use to buy nasik for lunch
and there was none left..

so...i widened my search and i saw my tabung
i've collected all the coins left, make up almost rm10 in total
my wallet thickened, and one of my friends noticed it
and....she gave me her purse,
"ambikla banyak mana ko nak, ada duit nnti ganti balik. jgn bimbang"
i took rm10, for the lunch and dinner

that's how far my life goes..
and at that time, i remember having a "boyfriend"
i monkey-loved him so much, and it monkeyed my mind too
it blinds me to see he as a complete asshole
we rarely see eachother
but once we did, everything is on me..
even a glass of ice tea that cost RM1
he borrows money, top ups, and what not
and one day he left me without 24-hours notice...ceit..
hampeh btol la...
well..citer lama.let bygone be bygone...

and one day.... when i was having an examination
i remember reading a thick science notes
15 chapters if i'm not mistaken
and it came to the limit where i can't afford to go beyond
it was too stressful.. i've to do something
and i found a needle and a thread came out of nowhere
must be my roomate's
i'll try to create something, 
something that later turns out to be a flower
really, i don't know how i made it
later then i knew that it called "embroidery"

starting from that day, i learned how to embroider
which i'm intend to tell you later how i got thousands RM
from that day.....


to be continued....


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

how MUCH is 0.03???

it's 4.58 am...and i'm still awake...burning the midnight oil?'s too tiresome
erm...don't get it wrong...
i've wasted so much oil, must be gallons by now just to light up the lamp
to stay awake to.......STUDY?? 
i watched korean movie

letting myself to get fooled by those fairytales love story
by those stereotype movies
a young humble tall fair goodlooking kind RICH macho hero
fall for a common silly girl...
there's no such love in real world...
is it?
but i really enjoyed the movie..
i'm so into it!
thinking that it is possibly exist in real world
it's good though
to at least let yourself away from a real world for a while
forgetting the ugliness of reality

now..what the heck am i writing here?
it's just the examination is around the corner
and i do nothing but wasting more time
it's the final of final
i guess the sense of guilt is the reason for all these

my cgpa is 3.47
just a glimpse of the number makes my bones is about to jump out of my skin!
why? it's just 0.03 more
such a small number, is it?
but here in maktab, it almost impossible to add up
it took a world to get 0.03 you know..

p/s: why is it hard for some people to round up 3.47? if there is,then i would be FREE.........................