Monday, October 24, 2011

the talk of a kampong girl

is currently at home...
somewhere in the heart of kelantan
deep in a small  kampong 
where everything is so unmalacca..
so not KL life

far from hustle bustle of big city..
where i can sleep on my own little bed
accompanied with a peaceful sounds of nocturnal creatures
sometimes embraced with the song of frogs
bathing in the rain
the night is so quiet, that you can hear your own breath
you'll know every details of the night through the sounds
with azan subuh from the main mosque as morning alarm

the day begin as early as 6,
with the clicking sound of stainless steels from the kitchen
it's my mom preparing breakfast..
never skip even a day without a morning meal
she's my best cook ever

i live in kampong house
surrounded with various kind of trees...
some are shady, makes up a canopy for a shelter from the sun
with 4 benches underneath...
encircle a round green table
giving us space to sit together in the evening
talking almost about everything
while sipping a hot tea
takes turn to tell story

HERE is my origin..
the place that have witnessed my life
the only place that hold memories of my past
the HEAVEN of dunya...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

a very pleasant feeling...

this is my list-to-do for the whole semester
and today....
i'm officially reaches to the bottom of the list!
which mean that all the so-called assignment are successfully completed!
what a peaceful feeling i have
and a peaceful mind...

* please note that final examination is excluded in the list. to prevent my heart from BOOOMM!!!
blown up...hehehe

Monday, October 3, 2011

BEAUTIFOOL me Y( ' o ' ) Y

CAUTION! : this is moving towards a personal entry. i don't  mind you reading...and judging. but no force on reading. feel free to hit X button on your right.

i think u know this post is the title of my blog
yaa....i know. wrong spelling...
it's on purpose
the question is why?
the beauty is not a fool 
so does the fool..
i like the irony
and i somehow believe that beauty is fool

give it a thought
have you ever heard of sayings "everybody is beautiful in their own way"
haven't you?
"or beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
it tries to gives meaning that everyone is beautiful..
in the way that only the eyes who see can interpret..
but believe me the eyes won't see the big dark obese lady as beautiful
you don't? well try to compare this "big  dark obese lady" with siti nurhaliza..owh i miss dato'
who is beautiful? frank
who do you think is beautiful??
see?how can people say "everybody is beautiful in their own way"
while the preference is always to the tall slim fair lady?
now that's what i mean, 
beautiful itself is not beautiful at all...
it fools...instead

well this title is applied to me..
consider that i'm not in the category of beautiful lady
i fall into a beautifool types..
and throughout this blog, u'll see the beauty and the fool of me
i like to act beauty you know....(gile perasan..haha!)
but true..since you know you're not beautiful
try to act like one...
when guys on the street looking at you...
pretending like they want to mengorat..
even you know it's absolutely because they can't bear looking at your old-fashioned clothes
who dare to wear blue shirt, extra large jeans, with red sling bag? ME!!!
that's why people looking....
like i care...huh!

another thing is,
i always act fool, even at first i don't intend to at all
you don't believe it? try this:
  • i wear flat shoes. i walk only God knows how lembab i am. no wind, no holes, no rock, i stumbled and fell. always happens...
  • i've blank mind.or it's full with my day dreaming. so when i walk i can't remember the way i passed through. for example; i'm in dewan kuliah and i went out to the ladies. when i came back i just have no idea where i am and where my class is! oh!
  • i always act confident, act beautiful when i walk, remember? and i end up in gents or to be specific org laki punye jamban!
  • i drive, i forgot to release the handbrake
  • i drive to exit but actually i'm going to entrance. how can??
  • i don't like strangers, i rather keep quiet than greeting people i don't know at all.but once i did, i always approach people like i already know them 10 years ago. no wonder why most people at first mistakenly think that i have feeling towards them. and it's the effort to flirt. even the woman thinks like that!
but the beauty of me is, i never care of "the eyes". because the look of the eyes is just an unfair judges. get to know people by your heart, your hand, your ears,your'll get more than what the eyes can give.