Wednesday, July 25, 2012

oh my English!

someone have asked me 
"kenapa awak slalu post dlm english?"
that refer to my facebook status
after a while..he asked 
"tulis blog pon english?"
he continue...
"msg phone pon kna english jgk ke. mesti sbb awk tesl kn?"

oo my...

it was true...
most of the time, i use english
i like it when people said
"taula tesl, berlagak"
God, mane ada bdk tesl blagak. tesl je pun....

well that's not the end..
i remember someone posted in my facebook
"hey, you're teacher isna afiqah right? well teacher, your english suck.please join my tuition"
and.........that was insulting....

well, i'm using it because i am an english learner
and one day i'll be teaching english
if i were suck at it
then being a teslian is really a big problem for me

the picture is like this
i'm a kampung girl
well, suburban
it's kelantan, and we have our own language
my dad speak java
mom from terengganu
at home, they mix well
but there's no place for english
so...there's no way for me to speak english
unless i make an effort to do so

 to add on..
i received lots of comments from my lecturer
regarding my spoken english
the hardest part was during my practical
it was after the final observation
and my lecturer mdm j.
i can say she's a bit fussy
she will do everything to its perfection
that time i was waiting for her
to hear the final verdict
i knew it wouldn't be easy
plus, the weather was boiling hot
she got a fever, so as the mood
god!my body was trembling,hand shaking...

and this is what had happened..

mdm j : isna, practice ur english. u'll be an english teacher. i'm done with you.
me      : so mdm, is that all? (GOD! WHAT A STUPID QUESTION!)
mdm j : well, i don't like your voice. speak louder. and your english. u're doing tesl isna. u must improve.
me      : sorry mdm, it's my bad.
mdm j : isna! that's not english.
me      : am i making a mistake madam?
mdm j : u should know
me      : it was "my mistake" not "my bad", is it?
mdm j : i don't even know, where u've heard that word isna. improve your english! u're tesl graduates!

so,if u get the story right,
u'll get the answer why my writing is always english
i'm learning.i try to improve..
...sort of

i'm using it most of the time
because i know i desperately need to improve
and who knows
one of my students
would be your kid
so pray hard
i'll improve
and got my english right