Tuesday, June 19, 2012

double OR trouble

"two is better than one"

it's a song
a phrase
but for me it goes beyond what the eyes can see
more than what words can tell
heart can feel..
for me being "two" offers no benefits to any party
so it offers no "better state" at all..

once u're "two" 
another minutes u're "one"
what left was a deep empty hole in ur heart..
and that "empty hole"
leave some sort of feelings
that's what i call

it's not that i blame the consequences
or hating the other party..
in fact, i'm glad that i am "one"
i'm on my own
when things are beyond my control
the answer of constant prayers is a no
i decided myself
to leave..

after some time..
when i'm totally out of the frame
became the audience of my own story
what i can say is..
i'm happy that i've made that decision

though it's true
two is better than one
doesn't mean that "one" is no better at all

its about 
taking your own sweet time
understand your life
as an individual grown-up
before taking the next step 
to own the other soul...

till then..
i choose to be one..

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