Saturday, September 29, 2012

things have changed (1)

people says, life has different stages..
u'll reach to another only when u're capable to
earlier of life, u might start easy..
someone will always be there for you..your parents
as u walk through, completing stages by stages
u'll realize, life is getting harder..
and sooner or later,whether u want it or not... u'll walk alone..
at one point in your life, u'll create a new circle...
and that was the time when u have to be there for others..
u'll be a parents, a shelter for others...

this is what i realized when the first time i saw her..
she starts a new stage...
for my brother and sister
for my ma and abah
for my uncle and aunts
for my siblings...

things have changed for everybody...
dear sis siti aisyah, thank you for bringing us
such a wonderful little gift
it's a great moment..
it's a great experience

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